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Soap Making Class Beginner

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Soap making classes for cold process handmade soap.  Make your own natural soap and leave with the skills to make more.  Our instructor is Robin Anneken of Soap Kittn LLC.  She is licensed and has 10+ years experience making bath products.  

Classes are for individuals or groups of up to four people.  We are located in Cincinnati,  Ohio.  Classes include:

1.    All ingredients and tools

2.    Safety Equipment

3.    Silicone loaf mold that you get to keep

4.    Hands-on soap making experience

5.    Friendly, knowledgeable instructor with 10+ years experience

You must bring:

1.    Long-sleeved shirt or smock

2.    A shoe box or similar sized container with lid

You will take home:

1.    3 pounds of luxury oil soap

2.    The fully reusable silicone loaf mold

3.    The lesson plan that is used, including a soap recipe

4.    Enough knowledge to continue making your own soap at home

5.    A certificate of completion

*Complete soap-making kits and equipment will be available for sale.

How to order:

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For scheduling, contact us via email or by phone at 513.614.5202 
Weekday classes are generally scheduled for 7:00pm, Weekend class times are flexible.  Duration is approximately 1 to 2 hours.