Soap Kitten LLC Live, Love, Lather

Why our soap is different?

We combine knowledge with art.  Our one-of-a-kind soaps are made with rich oils and butters and colored with mineral pigments.  We combine nature, creativity, and ingenuity to make our soaps uniquely beautiful and great for your skin.

What is soap? 

Soap is a combination of oils, butters, and natural clays, herbs, juices, and other natural ingredients.   The goal is to find that magical combination of ingredients that provide rich moisturizing lather,  skin conditioning, intoxicating fragrance, gentleness, and lots of sudsy bubbles.
I'm often asked, which soap is the most moisturizing.  Although I try to not answer, "all of them," it is true.  Commercial bath products (including soap, body wash, and shampoo) use chemicals.  When you use natural soaps and shampoos and lotions your skin doesn't lose its natural moisture barrier.

Let us make our bath products just for you.  Fill out our personalized product form for your unique needs.