About Us

History of our bath products


Commercial bath products contain synthetic ingredients that are cheap and easy to manufacture.   Prior to the twentieth century soap was made in small batches with quality ingredients from the Earth.  Soap Kitten is based on our own experience with researching the best quality ingredients and incorporating them into our products.  We and our family use our own soaps, hair care and moisturizers.

Soap by the Loaf

lavender orange soap

Contact us for a loaf of soap crafted for your unique skin needs.  We will send you a questionnaire to understand your needs.  Order soap to match your bathroom or any room and choose your fragrance.

Why you should use our products



Our soap is different

We  combine knowledge with art. Our one-of-a-kind soaps are made with rich oils and butters and colored with mineral pigments. We combine nature, creativity and ingenuity to make our soaps uniquely beautiful and  great for your skin.